Monday, December 31, 2007

Out with the old in with the Loony...

"The heart is greater than the sum of its parts"~CAW

The latest chapter in my ongoing L&T adventure...I was recently contacted by the Underground Book Club, to see if I'd let them feature my book, "Lipstick and Thongs in the Loony Bin" for their March meeting. Apparently, they meet once a month somewhere in Rhode Island and the location of the meeting is undisclosed until the week before. I checked out their website and realized these are serious readers and that my book would be in excellent I happily agreed to be a part of this mysterious and intriguing undertaking. These are readers who I imagine once loved those 'choose your own ending' books as I did. I'm looking forward to joining them for their discussion and honored that the book was chosen.

So many of you have asked what's going on with me apart from the's the answer...not a whole hell of a lot in general but some new developments here and there. The single gal dating life thang is still happening for me in fits and starts though there are a few interesting prospects on the horizon for the New Year and that's all I'm gonna say about that for now to keep the jinx factor at bay. Suffice it to say, sometimes romance pops up in the unlikeliest of places and I am a cautious adventurer when it comes to the realm of the heart but trying to be more open in that arena. So these new mystery gentlemen will be fun to play choose your own ending with until one candidate rises to the top. Wait---that's not what I meant...ahem...ANYWAY...Let's just say right now having options feels good and leave it at that.

Also---my lovely sis is preggers for the third time in three years...we are all pumped to greet the new mystery baby who will be welcomed with many loving open arms and hearts. Work life remains fairly mundane though I have made some great friends at my new gig and I'm looking forward to seeing what new opportunities for speaking and traveling the book will yield as I start getting in the mode to think of a second book...but no immediate or concrete plans for that as of yet this year...we'll see what the muse says.

I'm also working on lining up more webcasts and radio interviews so more on that to come...I am learning fun, new, interactive media terms like webisodes, SEO keywording and RSS feeds...don't ask.

The pink bus is still a goal/dream but there is a thought to try and create a virtual tour while working on a more solid real-time proposal to approach foundations and raise some Loonybucks to take it on the road.

As for all of you who have asked me if I recommend self-publishing...the answer is a wholehearted and resounding YES! With all of the elbow-rubbing and shmoozing I've done with some heavy hitters in the publishing realm this past year---the consensus seems to be that self-publishing is not only a viable but potentially lucrative way to get your work out there. I couldn't be more thrilled to think of some random person in South Africa or Italy reading my little pink book on their way to work. Goddess bless the unlimited possibilities of the internet.

So for 2008, I plan to continue to build my 'platform' for L&T, find other ways of expanding on the vision and reach out to as many people who are struggling as possible to offer them the tri-fold message of hope, healing and humor. Triple H power, babes! And as ever there will be rocking on into the great question marks, laughs, hugs and chocolate for all who come aboard the looniness in one way or another. I'll save you a seat on the pink bus, dearies. Let's roll into '08 with love, lipstick and ever-increasing bliss waves emanating from our hearts and surrounding the world in pink sweetness.


Blogger exqwizme said...


I just 'discovered' you today, and LOVE how you write and what you share . I've read a few excerpts from your book here and there and I can't wait to get a hold of your book.

I took the liberty to 'spread the lipstick' through stumbleupon (an online social network) so I'm hoping it will help to promote your story.

I wish you the best of luck with your bookselling and I wish you peace and harmony!


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