Friday, May 02, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Wild Women Writers Retreat In Cape Breton

Women Writers Gone Wild, eh?!

"I have traveled around the globe. I have seen the Canadian and American Rockies, the Andes, the Alps and the Highlands of Scotland, but for simple beauty, Cape Breton outrivals them all."~ Alexander Graham Bell

This Memorial Day weekend I’m heading back to Canada. Nova Scotia, eh? Right on. Since Canada's been a lucky charm for me (finished my book there and have had some wonderful trips back and forth over the last few years) I am completely pumped to go back to add a new chapter to my ongoing Canadian adventures.

Calling all Wild Women Writers…Come join us in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia for an amazing weekend retreat!

Using the gorgeous natural backdrop of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia as our muse...we will explore the surrounding wilderness, have three days of hiking, shopping, eating and WRITING! Discover your heart's voice and create an action plan to take home with you to incorporate a realistic writing practice into your daily life. We will cover all styles of writing from corporate to creative and journaling, short stories, poetry...this is more of a PLAYshop than WORKshop but work will get done. There will be just enough inspiration and perspiration (maybe literally) to cleanse the soul, open the mind and connect to the heartwhispers as they become louder and easier to understand. Optional sweatlodge is a strong possibility depending on level of interest.

Where we’ll be: Cabot Shores’ Whiff's Lodge (no not the sweatlodge---though that would be too funny) is the perfect blend of comfort and rustic, clean and homey. Wake up to eagles swirling overhead, have coffee or tea on the back deck as the sun warms the day. At night, we'll build fires, eat healthy, yummy food (S'mores are healthy right? Calcium, fiber---it's all good) and unplug from the daily chaos of your BUSY life, to relax, unwind and let your hair down in a supportive, nurturing environment.

The pace of life is different at Cabot Shores. This truly is a retreat that will advance you towards your life's purpose. Make it a Memorial Day to remember---recharge and redirect your path to one of authenticity and FUN. Sometimes it takes getting out of your daily routine and environment to spark the creative fires. We'll learn tips and techniques on how to bring the vacation vibe home. Give yourself a timeout. Push the pause button. Rock into your next question mark with the help and guidance of your inner voice. Can you hear me now? It is saying...shhh...get quiet and listen...oh wait---now it's saying...TAKE ME TO CAPE BRETON OR I"LL HOLD MY BREATH UNTIL I TURN BLUE! Boy, your inner voice sure does get pushy when you ignore it for long periods of time doesn't it? :)

Group leader: Author Courtney A. Walsh, (yup---that’s me) author of "Lipstick and Thongs in the Loony Bin" as seen on the Fox network's Morning Show with Mike and Juliet:,

Courtney (still me) has gone from Rock Bottom to Rock ON! and her inner voice speaks up often. In fact she has a whole committee of 'inner voices' (don't we all) and they rarely agree. You can tell because she has suddenly started referring to herself in the third person. But they do all agree that this will be a kickass trip. On that there is no room for doubt. Get to know and befriend your committee and turn their dreams into words, poems, stories, songs...whatever expression the muse leads you to is exactly right for your spirit.

For more info on retreat or to reserve your spot:

For more info on Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail...Google is very handy in these situations I find. :) Good old Googly Goo...never lets ya down.

Rock ON!

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