Thursday, August 16, 2007

A book is born...

So it's pretty much official.

Still waiting for my ISBN number which will allow me to get on portal sites like Amazon, Borders and Barnes and Noble. That should come in the next few days and then I will have to revise the cover and re-upload it again but other than that (and fixing the typo I already found in the first ten pages), it's ready to rock. If you want to read the first ten pages hit the "Preview this Book" button.

For those of you that already pre-ordered your copy or copies for the launch---again...a thousand thank yous! I'm sorry you'll all be getting the version with the lovely blank white rectangle in the lower left corner of the back cover (where ISBN and barcode will eventually be in the next week or so) as well as the aforementioned typo....(Go ahead---insert your editing Nazi karma jokes here) And for those of you who haven't had a chance yet....the link above is live! Oh and no---the book isn't really that bright a Barbie's more of a salmon color in real life but that's just how it looks on the web I guess.

Rock on!