Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'd like to teach the world to perfect harmony

"Step back from things in life to have a closer view."~Noah Ben Shea

I had the privelege of hearing Mia Farrow, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Zem Kedem and a host of other powerful conscious changemakers and peace creators speak at the Omega conference this past weekend in NYC. I wrote this piece below after Mia's speech...I've also favorited some videos on my youtube page. for those of you who want to learn more. Also the book is creeping up Amazon sales rank lists so keep spreading the word, write reviews and add it to your Shelfari or Goodreads bookshelf or digg it etc....thanks!

Warning: Those of you who know me and my writing style may find this blog unusual. I do not usually beat the drum so loudly when it comes to politics. But get ready for some drumbeats...

I just got back from the Omega sponsored "Being Fearless" conference in NY where I learned so much about the environment from Robert F. Kennedy Jr, about Darfur from Mia Farrow and about the Holocaust from Zev of the Schindler's list survivors.

One major and disturbing thing I learned is that Coca Cola is not being responsive to efforts to send funding or peacekeepers to Darfur to alleviate and STOP the atrocious genocide in progress over there. China is sending the weaponry to the Sudan. China is also screwing Tibet and has been for a long time. China is getting a major economic boost from the Beijing Olympics sponsorship. And one of those major corporate sponsors? Coca kids diabetes on the homefront and death abroad. These are not just bleeding heart liberal issues---this is not about tree hugging, spotted owls or the poor kids with flies crawling on them that you see on your TV between sports events where the players make enough money per game to build clean waterways in a whole country. This is a bipartisan issue about human lives vs. profits. This is a global issue about human rights and dignity and health and wellness. We can't just Prozac this one away, folks. All trails lead to Coca Cola.

Welcome to the Coke side of life. Welcome to the real, humbling and chilling definition of 'crazy'. Way to go, Coke!

"Grab a Coke and a smile. Dependable as sunshine. Look Up America. Catch the wave. Coke adds life."

I'd like to teach the world to scream
In perfect harmony
I'd like the world to buy more Coke
To feed my company...that's the song I sing

On a lighter note---Here's someone who is actually teaching the world to sing in harmony. Bonnie Ste Croix from Canada.
http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=Y_QVXCrBri8

Bonnie Ste Croix says it better and sweeter than I could...and all of this said---there IS action that can be taken. Go to and shake the sand out of your eyes. Yes---there are children starving and suffering from disease (like obesity and diabetes---thanks again Coca Cola) in our own country and we need to help them too. But until we all see that we ARE all the same...we all lose. FREE TIBET and SAVE DARFUR both mean free and save the future. These aren't just things that are happening 'over there'--it affects your daily life in unimaginable ways. These are not just trendy causes du jour with ribbons and donations and then back to the crossword puzzle. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

Steven Spielberg stepped down as director of the Olympic events. He is sending a powerful message. To him, "Never again" is non-negotiable and applies more than ever now.

"Never again" we as a planet said after the Holocaust. Was that just a bit of syrup and carbonation or a solemn vow? Things go better with Coke? Like genocide, starvation, war, diabetes and ritual rape, beatings and genital mutilation? Wash it all down. http://www. miafarrow. org/editorials. html

Connect the dots. Raise your voice. Vote. Pray. Sing. Laugh. Cry. Do it with passion and hope. Stay open. Connect with neighbors and strangers and look the person in the car next to you in traffic in the eye. They are you and you are them. Do it all with eyes and mind and heart wide open. Write to your leaders, write to perpetrator corporations, vote with your wallets. Do it for the generations to come who will ask why you didn't. Do it now.

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