Saturday, September 22, 2007

Start Spreadin' the news...

If there is a more perfect photo to capture this whole experience I cannot imagine it. Even the way the guy is looking at me is priceless...

He clearly thinks I am out on a daypass.

So this trip was, in a word, AMAZING. It brought back vivid memories of me being eight years old, standing on my bed in my PJs and belting out Sinatra's, "New York, New York" into my hairbrush microphone.

These little town blues: I left Woonsocket late Tuesday afternoon to head to TF Green airport and wondered with nervous anticipation what it would all be like. The Mike and Juliet Morning Show film crew that had come to my apartment on Monday night had been so nice and professional...but I did notice their "Oh, CRAP!" facial expressions when they came up the four flights of winding narrow stairs and realized the challenge that lay ahead of them as far as lugging all of their equipment up into my modest sized apt. But overall, the shoot went really well and the guys were great.

Are longing to stray: I may have been equally as excited about getting interviewed about my book on National TV as I was about the car service that picked me up at the airport. The driver had one of those signs with my name on it and everything. I almost kissed him but felt that might be just a wee bit uncool. I did however sit in the front with him (so much for playing it cool) since the whole Driving Miss Courtney thing seemed too weird. It was a Caddy Escalade SUV and I wanted to see the GPS system up close and personal.

I'm gonna make a brand new start of it: When I arrived at the hotel I took a shower and waited for Amy (my pal of thirty years who went on the show with me) to arrive---she'd left from Logan and was coming in a bit later. When she got there we talked and laughed and cried at how far we'd both come---from climbing trees and scraping knees in the old neighborhood to gearing up for our moment in the sun.

It's up to you:
The show was intensely surreal and wonderful. People could NOT have been nicer or more supportive. They all told me they were proud to be working on something that they felt could potentially help a lot of people. I was humbled and pumped. I was READY.

If I can make it there: Next chapter of this adventure? God---so much is happening it will take a few more blogs to squeeze it all in but here are some highlights. There is a woman who is passing the book on to a Hollywood director. I would love to have Drew Barrymore play me if that becomes real.

Putting this out there to the universe: I also want to get funding for a Loonybus Tour...Think about the possibilities...a big old pink (of course) bus rolling down the highway might grab some attention, eh? Cross-country through all of the 'states of mind', with t-shirts, books and CDs to help spread a message of hope, light, love and laughter to hospitals, high schools, colleges and anyone who needs to hear that they can get through their darkness and become Loonytastic.

Grab your lipstick and let's write this message in the sky:

"Let's get Loony....Redefining crazy---one brain at a time---woohoo and rock on!!!!!!!"

Loonily yours with much love and fresh nuts,